About Us

The Business Paper system is a next generation application and is a joint venture between Retouch ApS and Antracit ApS.

Antracit ApS is a prepress company who has handled business cards for large cooperations for many years. The simple tasks of collecting data from employees was a pin in their eye since it always was time consuming. 6 years ago the first application was made to collect data which differs from other applications due to a big library of validation rules which ensured employee data to be formatted correctly.

How 6 years later all the experience and ideas has emerged as the new business paper application. The Business-Paper.net application was created for inhouse use but came out so good that we thought about providing it as a service. Enjoy the many years of experience put into the application and start managing business cards like it should be managed.

We dare to say that this is only the beginning of features and possibilities in the Business-paper.net.

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