ordersThe business card, however old fashioned it might seem in a digital world, is still the tool of trade for a business man. But as necessary as it is, as complicated has it been to control a large number of business cards due to the exchange of data and proof reading between designers and the companies. And it turns even more messy when key employees might have multiple business cards for different departments in multiple languages. features everything needed to handle this;

  • Cut the costs of having employees spend time on managing the data collection
  • Enforce conformity be applying validation to the data entry
  • Control the quantity of cards to be ordered
  • Enable key employees with administrative rights to verify orders
  • Customize the application with company logo and color

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stepsBusiness-Paper is an application which sits in the middle enabling employees to enter their personal detail - show them a real example of how the business card will look and creates an order which can be shipped to specified printing companies.