ordersCreating professional business cards has never been an easy task to handle for designers. Collecting the data from hundreds or thousands of employees - making sure that everything is entered and formatted correctly on their business cards has caused many long nights for designers.

Managing this process is what the Business-Paper application is about. Some of the most noteable features are listed here:

  • Card preview
  • Use InDesign as the layout application
  • Manage multiple clients
  • Customize client login pages with logo
  • Import / Export users easily
  • Create advanced field setup to ensure data conformity
  • PDF creating with crop marks
  • Order Management
  • Create company administrators
  • Automated font management

Give the user the control he should have!
Why spend time on sending proof samples back and forth when the process can be controlled and even ensure that the data adheres to company specification. Let the user create an account and create and preview his own order.

Use the tools you know!
ordersInDesign is the favorite choice for managing professional design and layouts for printing. We didn't want to change that! Use InDesign together with an easy field template mechanism and be up and running in no time. Simply create your business card design, create a Preflight package and upload the package. The application handles everything automatically from registering fonts when they are needed to creating PDF files with correct crop marks.

Can this process really be automated in a simple way?
We had the same thought and thinking long about what problems designers fase when managing business cards. The standard employee having a standard business card was not the problem. What would happen if employees in larger cooperations have more than one business card in multiple languages? Our solution is a company hirearchy editor where divisions, departments etc. have different cards to order. When the company structure has been identified it is possible to attach products to company items making it possible to show a limited selection of cards based on the employees location in the company.